Backpacks Designed for Her

What makes a great women’s backpack?

There are key structural differences in typical male and female physiologies to consider before choosing to buy a backpack. Men have wider shoulders and upper backs. Women have narrower shoulders and wider hips. A proper fitting women’s backpack will therefore accommodate the different ratio of a woman’s hips to her torso.

Shoulder strap design

The most important quality in a women’s backpack is comfort and the way the backpack wears. A great women's backpack will accommodate a woman’s narrower shoulders by providing shoulder straps and buckles that can be adjusted to eliminate chafing in the armpits and possible pressure points in the chest area. Some backpacks even provide “S”-shaped shoulder straps designed to skirt the breast area. The key is to look for a shoulder strap design with soft-lined edges that avoid sensitive areas and cinches tight to prevent chafing.

Proper fitting hip belt

A proper fitting hip belt is also key to accommodating the differences in the shape of women's and men’s hips. The adjustment range of a hip belt is essential.

Smaller profile

Women tend to have a shorter torso than men. Typical straps and harnesses can only adjust to a smaller frame to a certain point. A proper fitting women’s backpack should be a size that accounts for a woman’s slightly shorter back length. The better fitting, smaller backpack will have a lower shoulder strap anchor point that provides a more secure fit than a standard-sized backpack.


When choosing a great women’s backpack it is necessary to search for a carrying system designed with a woman’s physique in mind. Smaller packs are designed to fit the average athletic female build. Even though a standard-sized backpack may appear to be a proper fit, adjustments for a woman’s narrower shoulders and wider hips will provide significantly more comfort and stability.

The Freeloader comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large to fit both women’s and men’s different torso sizes. It also has an adjustable chest strap to comfortably accommodate the female body. Less discomfort ultimately means more time outdoors exploring and doing the things you love to do. Spend more time outside and on the trail with the durable, lightweight Freeloader. Click here to find out more information.


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