The Freeloader Conquers Mount Kilimanjaro

It takes a unique individual to hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. It takes a miracle maker to ensure a child gets to have that same experience. That is exactly what Zy Lee’s father, Chef Walter Lee, did. He has dedicated himself to ensuring that children with disabilities are also able to experience ALL the wonders of the world. Over a year ago the family of Zy Lee reached out to the Freeloader Team and asked us if the child carrier was capable of accomplishing such a feat. We responded that the Freeloader was built for exactly these rugged environments. He, like the founders, simply wanted to experience more of the world with the ones we hold dearest.

Zy Lee is the youngest disabled person in the world to summit Mount Kilimanjaro and it happened through determination and the Freeloader child carrier. Zy was born with one complete left arm, half a right arm, no right leg, a malformed left leg with three toes and dislocated hip joints. We are proud the Freeloader helped him accomplish this incredible feat but prouder of a father who insists on the best life for his son! To learn more about Zy and the Zy Movement check out http://en.zmf-asia.org/

So we ask ourselves this question and now we ask you - What have you done with your kid recently? Have you pushed the limits of what you thought possible? That waterfall that will be within reach when they are just a bit older, that vista you want to show them but they can’t make it that far, that journey from the house that seems always farther than your child can walk - it is all right there for you. Whether or not the family creates a life long memory is mostly just a function of determination. The Freeloader has allowed many families to do things that they have never done before. Furthermore, the Freeloader has allowed families to do things that no family has ever done before! Look at Zy and what his father did - Now ask yourself "what can I do for me and mine?"!

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