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Solving Our Problems

In this passionate pursuit we frequently came up against the reality that current child carriers are grossly insufficient. They are incapable of carrying an adequate amount of weight as well as being exceptionally bulky. With our extended, combined history in outdoor gear sales and safety management, we set out to create a new child carrier that would far exceed the carrying capacity of the current market, while creating a smaller, much more portable, more compact pack. It was clear that in the mountain bike, rock climbing and surfing industry new technologies were being created that produced stronger materials at lighter weights.

First it was necessary that we conquer the safety factor. We looked at three different types of harnesses. We began, of course, by investigating the harnesses that current child carriers utilize (the padded cage), next we looked into current parachute technology figuring that there was, literally, no better harness system than this, (except for maybe) and finally the current Formula One car harnesses. Having these three designs to work from, we came up with a simple, yet extremely safe, five-point harness.

Second, we set out to identify materials that were lightweight and extremely strong. After spending nine months testing different metals, alloys, plastics and combinations of components, we finally settled on a system that weighed less than 7 pounds, yet had a failure rate of no less than one hundred pounds. As a rule, we wanted the folding seat to be able to withstand weight that exceeded what a normal human being could carry (running backs not withstanding).


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