Helping the Syrian Refugees


Want to help the Syrian Refugees?

The Freeloader is partnering with Carry the Future to send child carriers to Syrian Refugees. Carry the Future has already made numerous deliveries to Kos, Greece and will continue with these deliveries. They have indicated there are a number of families with toddlers who are in need of a carrier that accommodates larger children. This was how we (Team Freeloader) got involved in the first place. After sending a number of Freeloaders we decided to make an offer to those who wish to help the Syrian Refugees - if you wish to make a donation of a Freeloader to this cause reach out to us! We will give you a coupon code to receive a substantial discount and an email with the date your Freeloader was shipped to Kos.

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"Here is how/why sending baby carriers to Kos does help:

-Kos is an island located just 3 kilometers from Turkey and refugees are accessing it by jumping onto overcrowded inflatable rafts where there is usually standing room only. This means that any refugees coming through Kos have no more than a backpack to their name, usually not even that, and we are not seeing people arriving with baby carriers (because yes, admittedly, baby wearing isn't that huge in Syria, just like it wasn't big in the US in the 80's, but that doesn't mean that an American lady from the 80's wouldn't have benefited from using carriers had they been available to her!).

By getting these baby carriers to them at what is the beginning of the European leg of their journey, we are ensuring that they can travel more comfortably, and I would go as far as to say that baby carriers can lessen the disadvantages that a single parent might face if traveling with children and babies. From what I'm reading, people have to wait for days and weeks to receive asylum papers that allow them to legally travel within the EU. Imagine being a mom with 2 small children and 1 baby. Wouldn't it make your life easier to have the baby in the carrier while you wait in line and fill out documentation?"

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