Rocking the Freeloader in the badlands of Colorado and New Mexico

Herm Wienen

I would like to thank the team for getting us our carrier in a timely fashion. We used it multiple times on our trip to Colorado and New Mexico - even when we were hiking and as a back up for Carlsbad Caverns. The first day my 9 year old son overexerted himself at 13,000 feet and got altitude sickness so I had to carry him down. He's a healthy 70 lbs and t...he unit worked perfectly. Thank goodness I had my free loader with me. I ended up carrying him down the mountain first and running back up to carry my daughter down. A few days later on Rabbit Mountain my 5 yr old daughter hit her limit and fell asleep while hiking down. The straps kept her in and we all were able to enjoy the mountains and still get around. The free loader was amazing and allowed us extra time to enjoy the beauty even after our youngest was too tired to keep trekking.

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